The Team

Founded in early 2017, β€˜Do I Date’ has been a labour of love between James Forsyth and Terry Amsbury, two passionate entrepreneurs with an exciting idea and expertise in this space, but no previous tech experience.

After a number of discussions with leading Start Up studios and Incubators, E-Man labs were chosen to take the idea forward and an investment offer was made to incubate the idea as one of E-Man's 2017 batch of companies. This smart investment has appointed E-Man as the co-founding product and development team, joining their alumni for 2017.

The initial concept for 'Do I Date’, the 1st ever public review's platform for the dating community, was born, after several month of close collaboration between the founders. Over the past few months we have refined the initial idea, originated the 'Do I Date’ brand and executed the product. Our iPhone application is LIVE and we are coming soon to Android!

E-Man Alumni